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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's the gift that keeps on giving...grief.

I felt the need to dust my desk this morning when I got to work.
Don't ask me why.
Maybe I'm nesting.
Maybe I'm just tired of sneezing at work all of the time.
Who knows?
Not the point.
The point is that I found something on my desk that made me think.
A gift.
A gift from someone that I used to call my friend.
My first instinct was to throw it away.
Or give it away.
But I like it.
It was a thoughtful gift.
Something I am known to collect.
But it evokes hurt feelings.
I probably shouldn't keep it.
It is still sitting on my desk.
Trying to convince me that it shouldn't be punished for the choices of others.
I'm not convinced...yet.

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