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Friday, April 29, 2011

Short week=rough week.

This week was brutal.
So much stuff happened that I let make me cranky.
I didn't freak out on anyone.
But maybe if I had I would have felt better.
But probably lost my job.
So then I would have felt worse.
Oops did I just let on that work was making me cranky?
Maybe this week just couldn't live up to the brilliant Easter weekend I had.
You think?

Thursday night-chilling on my couch watching TV with this lovely new friend!

Good Friday-Service at CATM. Very beautiful and emotional. To quote my friend Maryellen "this day makes us uncomfortable", so true my friend. To quote Tony Campolo "it's Friday, but Sunday's coming", thank God for that.

Saturday-Spinning with Alli and Mike. There are no pictures of this because it is not pretty. Trust. Me.

Easter Sunday-Sunrise service at Yonge and Dundas square with Maryellen and Josh.

Easter Sunday-Easter service at the Anglican church with Mom, Flowie and some great old friends. Being a part of the rituals that I grew up with really spoke to my heart. Made me feel so at home and grounded in my faith.

Easter Sunday-"In my Easter bonnet", OK not quite but looking springy waiting for Flowie at church.

Easter Sunday-This is where I will finally get to sit down after "helping" and by "helping" I mean entirely cooking our Easter Sunday lunch. And Mikey gets to sit beside me. He's excited...as excited as Mikey gets!

Easter Sunday-Flowie's beautiful Easter table. So much colour, pink!

Easter Sunday-4Worship in Newmarket. By far my most favourite group of people to worship with every month and an amazing way to cap off Easter!

Here's to next week not being so lame.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pretty Good...

Recently I've been a little hooked on E! channel. I can't help but get sucked in to being a voyeur into the lives of celebrities and people with whacked out issues. Could be some sick way to make me feel good about my issues but that's another discussion for another time.

This week as I was getting ready to watch Khloe and Lamar (don't judge me) there was a preview for a show called Pretty Wild. It's a show about three young sisters who live in LA with no rules. They basically go hog wild while the cameras catch every minute of it.
Exciting, hey?

Pretty Wild got me thinking.
Why do we watch shows that glorify behaviour like that?
Why are we so mesmerized by the lives of bad-ass celebrities?
Why do we pay cursing musicians more than doctors and teachers?
Are these the role models we want our kids to look up to?

I'm going to pitch a show to E! called Pretty Good.
Pretty Good
Beautiful woman

Works for a non-profit
Kisses babies
Bakes cheesecake

You'd watch that wouldn't you?
Huh. Maybe not.
CTS might be more open to my pitch.

Pretty Good,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can you picture it? Episode #1

Life through my "eye"Phone, vacation style.
Day 1-Driving down International Drive, windows down, sun shining, music blasting in my awesome mini-van!

First date with my Florida boyfriends, Ben and Jerry!

Date two with my boyfriends, we are working on Whirled Peace here! Doesn't it kind of look like Flowie is in my ice cream? What would that flavour be called?

Hola Amigo.

I like Flamingos, they are pink.

Colours, I heart the underwater world.

Barbara Manitee, you're the one for me.

This game is called corn hole, no really, I'm not making it up. Margaritaville style.

Now that's a great world.

The Last day of vacation , relaxing by the pool on cabana duty.

I love bacon, but really, come on America.
I like having a camera attached to my hand.