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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can you picture it? Episode #1

Life through my "eye"Phone, vacation style.
Day 1-Driving down International Drive, windows down, sun shining, music blasting in my awesome mini-van!

First date with my Florida boyfriends, Ben and Jerry!

Date two with my boyfriends, we are working on Whirled Peace here! Doesn't it kind of look like Flowie is in my ice cream? What would that flavour be called?

Hola Amigo.

I like Flamingos, they are pink.

Colours, I heart the underwater world.

Barbara Manitee, you're the one for me.

This game is called corn hole, no really, I'm not making it up. Margaritaville style.

Now that's a great world.

The Last day of vacation , relaxing by the pool on cabana duty.

I love bacon, but really, come on America.
I like having a camera attached to my hand.

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