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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cheer Leader

If you live in Toronto chances are your life was disrupted today by the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, get over it already would you?

I had the privilege of working at YSM's cheer station at Eastern and Carlaw with my co-worker, Starbucks Partners and a whole pile of teenagers from North York all day. Despite the chilly weather and looming rain it was a really great day.

I did my usual things.
Take pictures.
Drink Starbucks.
Boss people around ;)

But I have to say the part I loved the most was cheering on the marathon runners. It was so easy to get into the spirit and encourage everyone one.

Now I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination but I have done a 5km race in my life and I know how much work went into that so I can't imagine the commitment it took to get to today. But you could see it on their faces.

I watched in awe as each runner passed me. I even got a little emotional at times, sniff.

I even tried to read names on their bibs to give them each a personal shout out.

For hours things like "Good job Joe, you are doing amazing", "You've got this Bill, you rock" and "Nice work Sarah, you go girl" came bellowing out of my mouth. Ok so I got a few dirty looks but I was there to cheer baby!

It totally made my day when people would look at me and give me a thumbs up or say "thank you", as if I was doing a good job.
Hello, you're the ones running a marathon I'm just yelling like a fool over here.

I was most excited when I saw my friend Bruce, hence the jumping up and down screaming "Go Bruce. I love Bruce. Bruce is awesome." It was quite the spectacle all for the man who once sang me a song about corn in my salsa. That's true friendship people.

By the end of the day phrases like "You're running a freakin' marathon people, what's up with that?" were coming from no where. That's when I knew it was time to call it a day.

So to everyone who ran today or runs any day for that matter, good on you.
Your dedication and drive are things I strive for in my life.
Just not as a runner.

Not going to happen.
No way.

Not sure that I'll have a voice for work tomorrow.
That was all part of your plan wasn't it?


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