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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day.
Last week I was so excited to get this card in the mail.
It is from one of my closest friends Leslie.
She just wanted me know that she loves me so she sent me a V'day card.
That's a pretty great friend don't you think?

Getting the card me got me thinking about Valentine's day. I usually feel pretty sad about being single when the big day rolls around. I know it's just a Hallmark holiday created to sell greeting cards and roses. But I think about how I wish I had a man to send me a card and buy me something shiny.
I realized something this weekend
I don't feel sad this year.
I'm just really content where I am at.
Don't get me wrong, I WILL NOT turn down shiny things when Mr. Perfect-for-me shows up.
But right now I am thrilled to get an obnoxious pink card from my Bestie and know that there are so many people that love me and show me/tell me that every day.

Time for me to get out there and spread the love.
I made cookies.
That's how you know I love you.
Baked goods!


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