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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apparently I drink too much.

I haven't been feeling well for the past few weeks.
Nothing huge.
Just a constant nauseous feeling.
Not fun.
No, I'm not pregnant.
Or hungover.
Thanks though.
Anyway, few weeks ago I visited my family doc to get it checked out.
She took blood and said to take some antacids. No big deal.
But then her office called me three days later to come in right away.
<insert freak-out here>
I couldn't get in until Monday so I spent the weekend with the fear of something huge in the back of my mind.
I'm sure that the "C" word is something that everyone worries about but when you experience it first hand with your Mother it feels like it could happen to you at any time.
As luck would have it (I doubt it was luck, I'm pretty sure it was a God thing) my Mom had an appointment with our doctor at the same time that day so we sat together as I waited to hear what I was sure what a death sentence.
I never said I wasn't dramatic.
When I finally got to see the doctor she explained that my blood test came back with some abnormalities. My pancreas enzyme was elevated which made her think that I had gall stones and she wanted me to have an ultrasound to check it out.
The next day at the ultrasound I studied that technician's face to see if she had any reaction.
She didn't.
She should play poker.
When I left the ultrasound place I was really sad. I wanted to be there for a happy reason like a pregnancy not a potential illness.
Fast forward a few days and I get a phone call from the dr's office asking me to come in right away.
Like that same day.
<insert freak-out here>
I go. Expecting the worst, praying for the best and know that whatever it is God will get us through it.
But it wasn't the worst.
I have pancreatitis from a viral infection.
She couldn't really tell me how I got it but it felt good to know what was going on.
What is pancreatitis you ask?
Good question because I really didn't know either.
Basically it is an inflammation of the pancreas.
You can read more about it on WebMD here.
Most people get it from excessive drinking.
Hilarious right?
Of all of the people in the world to get a condition that is linked to excessive drinking!
So basically I just have to take it easy for a few weeks and watch what I eat and it should run it's course.

If you want to come over to eat bland soup and watch movies in our sweat-pants just let me know!


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