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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you met...Giancarlo

This is my brother Giancarlo.
Well this was him about 28 year ago.
Wasn't he cute?
I guess he's still pretty cute.
His name is pronounced John-Car-Lo.
Sometimes I call him Brasha.
He calls me Shishta.
We're just silly like that.
Ginacarlo lives in Italy.

He moved there in 2006.
We lived there together for almost a year.
We shared a room at Nonna's house.
That was exciting.
He is one of my favourite people in the world.
He's kind and generous.
Sometimes to a fault but that may be in his genes.
He loves people and Jesus with a passion that is enviable.
He's an amazing teacher and loves working with kids and youth.
I think it's probably because he's just a big kid himself!
He has seen me at my worst and best but still loves me just the same.
This summer he told me I was the best big sister ever.
That meant a lot to me.
I miss him so much everyday.
I know that he has a life in Italy and I have my life here but I wish we could do everyday life together.
I know you're thinking "yeah, so they can fight everyday".
But that's just how we roll.
Through thick and thin we stick together.
Just wanted you to meet my Brasha so you'd know how great he is.

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