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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simply Put-Part 2

Earlier this week I talked about how I've been working on living simply.
If you missed it you can read all about it here.
As promised here's how I've started to live it out practically in my life.

Please note; I realize that none of these ideas are revolutionary by any stretch. If my Nonna knew I was telling people about how excited I am to be cleaning with white vinegar she'd swatt my bum and call me shamo!

Cloth Napkins-
Instead of continually spending money on paper napkins (which is not very enviro friendly) I got my hands on some FREE cloth napkins.
Actually they're fabric samples that Flowie gave me that are the perfect size and surged around the edges ready to go. There were so many I gave Maryellen her own set! Of course I ironed them after I washed them. The Nonna would be proud.

That's the Nonna. Just in case you haven't met her yet.
Instead of spending money on purse sized tissue I bought some hankies and rock them daily, Nonno styles.
Bonus: hankies don't crumble into little pieces that stick to your face for your entire commute to work when you wipe sweat from your brow on those hot summer days on the TTC.
That's the Nono's leg. He was a gigantic man as you can see from his large foot.
That's me in Italy circa 1980. Cute, no?

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar-
So cheap and so effective. The Nonna had it right all along.

Second-hand Furniture and Recycled Linens-
This amazing arm chair came from Sarah's parents cottage.
It is the most beautiful and comfortable chair in my home and is frequently fought over by guests!
My couch came from Yonge Street Mission's Double Take Store. It was a steal at $65. It is so beautiful and comfortable. Just ask all my house guests!
The throw pillow was purchased from Pre-Loved a company that makes clothing and linens out of recycled clothing. I bought it on sale, like big time sale.

The rest of these pictures are some of the people that I love.
To share with.
I am thankful for.
Content to just be myself around.


Mom and Flowie.

Leanne and Lisa.



Arlyne and Noah.

P.S. If there isn't a picture of your here please don't be offended. Chances are I love you but don't have a recent picture or want to use your lovely face for something else!

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  1. I love those napkins! All our hands are wiped around here now. :)